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Cake always tastes better with a borrowed ingredient

Stuff Worth Doing #489: Borrow an egg and make cake for your neighbour. Turning cake into conversation and a trip out in the cold.

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Free Local Food Hamper

Languedoc-Rousillon has some of the finest fresh produce France has to offer. To celebrate this Spring, we would like you to have a free hamper of local goodies on us when you arrive.

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Free Bottle of Local Wine

We want you to come here and relax, enjoy yourself and sample the local delights. With that in mind, we would like you to have a free bottle of Vella Frontera 100% Syrah on us when you arrive during June 2013.

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A Recipe for Cherry Clafoutis

Cherry Clafoutis has to be one of my favourite early summer puddings. And today is the day.

The red sweet cherries arrived in Fosse this week, a little later than in our neighbouring valley where the town of Céret is the home of the French cherry – every year the first cherries are delivered to the President.

A clafoutis is a quick and easy thing to make. Basically it's a sweet batter poured over summer fruit and baked in the oven. Don't forget to add the dusting of icing sugar at the end – the sweetness makes the difference. Enjoy.

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Architecture of Creative Spaces

In Winter 2012 Raquel Flecha Vega spent three months on retreat at The House & The Hill during a tour of Europe. This is what she thought of our space.

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